About us

Aim and Product

Sipho Sustainable Medicare (Sipho) is a Danish company created by a team of 5 with a passion of sustainability.

Our first product is a 50 ml syringe for Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and anaesthesia departments in both public and private hospitals.

The prefilled syringe will reduce the use of plastic and other materials by up to 70%, increase patient and dosing safety and improve the working environment for healthcare professionals.

Versus today where syringes for ICUs are manually filled which is time consuming and with the risk of uninteded errors in the process.


Sipho’s mission is to revolutionize healthcare by prioritizing environmental sustainability, co-designing with stakeholders, improving working conditions, and enhancing patient safety.

We empower healthcare professionals and patients, while reducing waste, improving efficiency, and improve working environment for healthcare professionals.

By working closely with those affected by our products, we can ensure that it meet the needs of everyone involved.